Throttle for iPhone Beta Launch

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Embargoed until Tuesday, May 24, 2016 10 AM EST

In March, we launched Throttle, a freemium service that brings you entirely new levels of control over your email. Following wide demand on crowd-sourced news and launch sites, a number of great articles came out about Throttle from a number of great sites, like LifeHacker and Techcrunch.

On May 24, we will launch the Throttle for iPhone Beta. 2,000 testers will have early access to world-class protection for their email address, their inbox, and their time, on the go. Anyone can sign up on for a chance to be in the beta.

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Throttle for iPhone (51s)

What is Throttle? (1:34)


Throttle for iPhone

The Throttle mobile app will have feature parity with the web app and desktop browser extensions, and they will all sync.

The Beta

On Tuesday, May 24, we will launch the Throttle for iPhone Beta. Over the coming weeks, it will roll out to batches of testers, totaling 2,000. Anyone can sign up at

Priority will first be given to Throttle Pro users, then to all other users in order of when they registered for Throttle (regardless of when they joined the beta list).

We will begin rolling out invitations on Tuesday, May 24. Batches of a couple hundred invitations will go out to the next on the list throughout the beta.

Have questions? Let's chat!

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Solving Email's Biggest Problem

The problem: Our inboxes are buried in mass mailings, coupons, notifications, spam when our address is sold, and even interesting newsletters that just interrupt us. The problem is that when we give out our email addresses online, anyone can dump anything they want into our inboxes.

What you get with Throttle: That's where Throttle comes in. With Throttle, you get airtight control over who can send you email, find out who tries to sell or steal your email address (and shut them all down), get all of your mass mailings in a single daily digest email reducing interruptions throughout the day, and solving the crux of the problem, you get to stop giving out your email address online.

How it works: It works with a browser extension that automatically adds a button to all email form fields online. When making a purchase, for example, you hit the button instead of entering in your real email address. The extension fills out the field with a unique, random email address. All email Throttle receives for you is collected and sent to you in a single daily digest email.

But what’s really interesting is that since we gave each sender a different email address to contact you with, we can detect who sells your email address, and you can hit “Revoke Access” next to any authorized sender, which shuts down that unique email address. They, nor anyone that they give your address to, have any way into your inbox. In fact, we already caught our first scammer.

Finally, Throttle automatically populates login forms with generated addresses, so you can use them all over the web. You can now do everything you want online without compromising your inbox or your time.

Because of the extension and digest, you don't even have to change your workflow to use it.

As a bonus, it’s (maybe counter-intuitively) great for legitimate senders, too.

Finally, it's free. That means everyone can use this world-class service to protect their inbox and their time.

Security & Privacy

Throttle doesn't need access to your email account to work, so users don't need to compromise their privacy to use it.


Throttle works with all email addresses. Throttle's browser extension, used to generate Throttle addresses in signup forms, is available for Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and now, mobile Safari!


Please contact us at any time. We're always happy to chat.